Marketers.Org Privacy Statement

General Privacy Statement

As you are here and reading this page, it is apparent that you are concerned about your privacy. We share your concern in matters of privacy, which are of also of great importance The Commerce Company. This page was developed to help you understand more about how we interpret privacy and the owner and operators of the Marketers.Org site.

Informational Privacy

At Marketers.Org, we work to keep your data safe though encrypted storage, never selling or giving away any personal information about our guests and those who choose to join our site.

Privacy and Law

We do respect and respond to written requests from all recognized governments who can legally do business with US companies regarding data relevant to their nationals domiciled in their nation. Where possible, we shall inform a member of any such legal inquiry, unless such an advisement is restricted under law.

As a US based company, The Commerce Company respects and responds to all US federal and Colorado state requirements placed upon Internet companies offering like services to our own.

Privacy and more

Marketers.Org is part of The Commerce Company portal network. For more information on our corporate privacy policy visit our corporate site.